Week 5: Final Assignment

For the final course assignment, participants are requested to reflect on the way one specific tool or approach that was presented and discussed during the course could be implemented in their teaching practices. Participants can work both individually or in groups.

These are the tasks connected to the assignment:

  1. Test one digital tool/technique (see a list here, you can choose other tools as well)
  2. Reflect on how you can/will use it in your teaching (use this slide template)
  3. Send the slide(s) to f.nascimbeni@uni-med.net by the 26 of March
  4. Present your experience in the last webinar (optional)


Webinar recording

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  1. Issam alhouri

    Thank you for this course, it was a good time

  2. Issam alhouri

    No comments because it was a first time I follow this kind of courses

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