Week 4: Open and inclusive teaching approaches

Learning resources

The OpenGame Handbook of Open Teaching collects 24 real-life open and networked teaching practices, presented detailing their potential for transferability and the competences needed to put them in place, aiming at inspiring educators to try out these methods to make their teaching more inclusive and innovative.

The video by J. P. Alperin presents how any teacher can transform into an open and networked educator.

The course Networked practitioner: open or closed practice?  goes deeper on the issue of open and networked teaching.


Webinar recording

The presentation used during the webinar is here.

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  1. Joanne Karam

    Creating democratic classrooms and engaging students to contribute themselves in the class structure might be very satisfying for the student and the instructor although I believe not all its component can be applicable in all classrooms, it depends on the course type, the students background and engagement; but indeed it is something to consider in my opinion in slected courses.

    • Fabio Nascimbeni

      Absolutely Joanne, opening up educational practices is something that needs to be done in line with the possibilities offered by the context, the legal frameworks, the institutional culture. Still, as you say, it is “something to be seriously considered” by educators, I like the expression!

  2. Pascale Salameh

    I think open education needs a change in culture. Many people are resistant to it, and lots of lobbying should be done before this ethos becomes common practice!!

    • Fabio Nascimbeni

      Absolutely true, but the more educators will use open approaches, the easier it will be to lobby for them 🙂

  3. It is an great to use this in my course .I think my student will enjoy. I prepare one of my lecture by this way and see student feedback

  4. This topic is very important for our course. I will use it and can not wait to see the feedback

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