Week 3: Gamification within e-learning

Learning resources

Article: Using the MDA Framework as an Approach to Game Design, by Jenny Carroll

Article: Gamification in E-Learning: Introducing Gamified Design Elements into E-Learning Systems, by Daniel Strmečki et al.

TED Talk “When games invade our lives“, by Jesse Schell at the DICE Summit in 2010

Article: Game on: The gamification of the pharmacy classroom, by Leah Sera and Erin Wheelerb


Webinar recording



Matteo Uggeri’s slides are available here.

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  1. Joanne Karam

    The Tedtalk is very insightful on how the future will be invaded by gaming; for the time being as stated in the articles incorporating the gaming in online courses will help students have a more fun/ practical learning experience.

    • Alaa Oraige

      It seems to be new useful method as future new learning . It may help students as they will like learning by short way .

  2. Jihan Safwan

    Very interesting articles. Using gamification in e-learning is a breakthrough because it would increase the students’ motivation, experience and engagement in the learning process, as mentioned in “Gamification in E-Learning: Introducing Gamified Design Elements into E-Learning Systems”. But, I would really value having information about using games in some parts of the course delivered online and not design the whole course based on gamification; maybe using game activities for certain assessments.

    The TED Talk sheds light on the invasion of technology and gaming into our everyday life which is actually scary. It has made me realize how games have invaded my life on a personal basis without even noticing.

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