Week 1: Welcome

Webinar recording

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  1. Ammar Joukhadar

    very nice

  2. Bassem Kaissi

    A very interesting introductory session. The training will be valuable for my colleagues at M.U.B.S School of Health Sciences. Thank you Fabio and Cristina

  3. Cristina Stefanelli

    Good to see you on this mini site too!

    As mentioned during the meetup, on March 1st at 12:00 (Beirut time) our UNIMED SubNetwork on eLearning and Open Education will host a webinar titled “Mediterranean Open Education”, as part of the celebrations for the Open Education Week 2021.
    During the webinar, members of the SubNetwork will present innovative ideas on how they have worked during the pandemic to move teaching online in a sustainable, inclusive and open way.

    If you would like to join, more information is available at: https://www.uni-med.net/oeweek-2021/

    Have a nice day!

  4. Bassem Kaissi (MUBS)

    I noticed that many participants during the first session were interested in the topic of “virtual labs”. Please find below the link to a free upcoming webinar about remote and virtual labs :

  5. Sanaa Awada

    A special thanks to Cristina and Fabio and all the participants for this interesting introductory session and for the beautiful atmosphere during this first session.
    I was convinced that online teaching could never replace class attendance. Thus, my first experience was started with the pandemic and I always had the impression of being a little robotic in my performances, especially that we cannot communicate our enthusiasm, our passion to teach and have so far deprived of eye-to-eye contact.
    But, the need for online teaching has become a necessary tool to master in our daily professional practice and here we are, within the daily need to improve our knowledge and our practice in this field .
    I am so happy to participate to this workshop and to pass this valuable training information to my colleagues and apply it at our Faculty

    Thank you again…

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