Transforming advanced pharmacoepidemiology and biostatistics using active learning and digital tools

1) Aim and Objectives: Transform the advanced pharmacoepidemiology and biostatistics courses for research master students.

2) Activities: I will add self -reading, group works, and more online activities (websites visiting, video watching, group discussions…).

3) Main Results: New methods for teaching; more collaborative work, more discussion, better applicability of information;

4) Expected Impact: Better competency acquiring & More autonomous students in research .

5) Necessary persons and support : No; the training we had is enough.

Shared by: Professor Assem El Kaak
Image Credit: EPB Students Association

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  1. Fabio Nascimbeni

    Very interesting project.
    A question: are you planning to use the Learning Management System provided by the university or to rely on external services like Padlet or Google Groups?

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