Team work for successful online learning in the School of Health Sciences at MUBS

Aim and objectives: The aim of the School of Health Sciences (SHS) team at the Modern University for Business and Science (MUBS) is to provide the best education and support for students during the outbreak using online learning platforms. Ongoing education during stressful and uncertain moments provide students a beneficial escape from the stressful situation, supports them through ongoing contact with their instructors and colleagues and is a great way for students to stay on track in their education.

Activities:  Online learning at SHS started on March 20, all syllabuses were adjusted to suit online learning.  Classes were maintained in the specific time it was given on campus.

Pre class activities:  SHS instructors shared supportive videos with students and the updated syllabus in March. Prior to each class, the lecture material is shared with students.

Class activities: Instructors are using online platforms as Moodle and Zoom to conduct the online classes.  During the class, interaction with students is made possible through webcams, the shared screens, pole conduction, live chat and oral interactions. Attendance is taken to motivate students to attend and participate. Besides the class lectures, students are able to present projects and do quizzes during class.

Post class activities: Extra resources (Educational videos from reliable YouTube channels and scientific articles through EBSCO platform) and assignments with due dates are provided for students post classes.

SHS instructors are holding weekly meetings led by the school’s dean to discuss any arising issue and brainstorm for ideas to ensure the best education for students.

Main Results: Students, despite the technical problems that occur on the digital platforms, are very satisfied with the online learning and think it is a great alternative for life on campus.  The experience is very beneficial for instructors as well who have learnt to cope with stressful situations and provide an adequate learning experience for the students.

Expected Impact: Digihealth project provided the trained instructors with great methods for online education that contributed with their great professional growth, the training was shared with the school instructors as part of growth as a team during the weekly meetings. It was also great to see students’ fast coping and excitement for ongoing education even when learning on campus was not possible.

Necessary persons and support: We are using the skills we have learnt during the Digihealth training and coordinating together as SHS instructors to ensure the best education for the students.

Shared by: Dr. Joanne Karam
Image Credit: Mrs. Rasha Sayegh

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  1. Fabio Nascimbeni

    Dear Joanne,
    this project is very well designed. Great to see that the DigiHealth course was useful for this!
    A couple of questions: how many students are you having in the project? And how numerous are the “classes”?
    Thanks and congratulations!

    • Diana Maddah

      Thank you Fabio for your feedback. We have around 300 students in SHS with an average of 12 _15 students per class.

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