The participants’ profile presented here is based on responses collected through the pre-training questionnaire.

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62 participants from the seven partners universities in Lebanon and in Syria registered in the training. The majority of the participants are faculty members from the faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Science.

There is a pretty balanced participation of male and female learners to the training (61% female and 39% male); the level of English language as a foreign language is generally proficient or independent. Approximately one third of the participants (38%) has extensive experience with online learning, while the two third has little or no previous experience. Less than half of the participants (45%) already participated in the previous training in Beirut in March 2020.

In terms of awareness of the core concept of the training, the least awareness has been recorded for gamification with e-learning, followed by open and inclusive teaching approaches and tools and methods for collaborative online group work.

Most of the participants (38%) are willing to improve their capacity to build digital competencies of their students, followed by their capacity to actively engage students (23%), the quality of their teaching content (20%), and their capacity to assess students (19%). Also, some of the participants are willing to seek collaboration with partners through digital teaching, explore how to do all those things in limited time when teaching many classes, and to train others to get the above capacity.

We wish the training will fulfill everyone’s expectations, and we wish everyone a safe, healthy and happy learning journey!