3-5 March 2020, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon


The detailed training programme for Module 1 can be consulted here

Participants’ profile

44 participants from all the partners universities in Lebanon and in Syria participated in the training. Their bios can be consulted here. An infographic about the participants is also available here.

Pre-course discussion

Prior to the training days in Beirut, participants were invited to watch a video introducing aspects of online learning and then write starting questions and comments on a common online workspace (available on padlet at the following URL: https://padlet.com/alacre/digihealth2020). This discussion provided a starting point for the on-site training.


Presentations delivered on-site can be consulted below:

  • Digital challenges in education [PDF]
  • Open Networked Learning –  collaborabative online problem-based learning [PDF]
  • Tools for online collaboration [PDF]
  • Effective online meetings [PDF]
  • ABC learning design [PDF]
  • Wrapping up [PDF]

Project plans

Using the training as a foundation, the participants moved on to investigate how these issues can be applied in their own teaching. You can browse the project plans on how to innovate teaching through the use of ICT that have been put forward by the participants in the first training in Beirut delivered on March 3-5, 2020.


Evaluation report

After the training, an on-line questionnaire was submitted to the participants, aimed at verifying their satisfaction concerning mainly organisation, communication and achievements. The evaluation report can be consulted here.