The Pharmacognosy and Herbal Medicine course (PHAR425) is a third-year course offered to our pharmacy students at the Lebanese International University (LIU) School of Pharmacy, to introduce natural products and other bioactive molecules from nature, their origin, identification, development, and usage. Furthermore, it identifies the chemical structure, structure-activity relationships, and importance of natural products as major ingredients in drug manufacture.

Aim and Objectives:

In this course, we aim to maximize student engagement, add value to the learning process, make students master the material. and upgrade their knowledge of herbal medicine. Accordingly, we try to encourage collaborative activity by using different digital and other tools:

  • A Padlet page is designed for the course. It can be accessed at:
  • Games about herbal medicine are designed and added to several course modules.
  • Students collaborate to design “Herbal Libraries” on both of our campuses as a visual and attractive inventory of medicinal herbs heritage.
  • Students are involved in development of a pharmacy simulation scenario where patients are counseled by pharmacists about proper uses and precautions of herbal medicines.
  • Mind maps are used to portray chapters and facilitate understanding and memorizing key concepts.

Impact of Digital Tools Used and Outcome on the Learning Process:

  • The tools shall be continuously used throughout teaching.
  • Different types of games and interactive projects are explored.
  • Students’ involvement is very essential and fruitful.
  • The tools are not limited to academic year or student groups but can be updated yearly.
  • Outside-of-the box ideas and learning-by-example show great impact on learning and course outcomes.

Shared by: Dr. Hadi Dassouki and Dr. Dalal Hammoudi
Image Credit: Dr. Hadi Dassouki