1) Aim and Objectives: Create an online LU-Laboratory Safety orientation course for laboratory personnel (Students-Assistants) .This course is aligned with the OSHA Standards. Additional optional courses may be added in the future in-depth knowledge of laboratory safety measures.
2) Activities: I will add online activities (Infographics, videos demonstration practical operation, orientation how to access to Lab Safety Virtual/ Lab Simulation online, discussion forum to interact with laboratory experts, Mentimeter/ padlet …).
I will prepare a Laboratory safety measures quiz and a certificate of participation (a comprehension of laboratory safety measures will be determined by a quiz. A passing score of 80% is required for successful completion and certificate award).
3) Main Results: It will cover the fundamental knowledge of “best practices” in laboratory safety and enable the lab personnel to participate in promotion and prevention activities and to effectively manage risks in order to reduce the incidence of accidents during their practical and research work.

4) Expected Impact: This course will improve the lab safety culture, enhance the knowledge and skills needed to work safely at the LU-scientific laboratory environment
5) Necessary persons and support: Need some specific technical skills to make the project happen

Shared by: Pr. Assem ELKAK
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