Digitalizing Pharmacology

1) Aim and Objectives: Add digital learning methods to the research master Neuropharmacology course.

2) Activities: I will add multimedia material such as videos showing the animal models used to study some neurological disorders as well as the assessment of the sensorimotor functions of these animals. I will also develop rubrics for the students’ article analysis.

3) Main Results: Innovative learning methods; optimal method for transmitting the details of technical procedures ; better understanding of animal experimentation; better understanding of the analysis criteria; better assessment of students projects.

4) Expected Impact: Improvement of the ability of students to learn technical procedures that cannot be communicated by text alone and would be hard to organize ‘live’. The students will better understand the analysis criteria and the quality their work should have. The teacher will better evaluate students’ performances.

5) Necessary persons and support : No.

Shared by: Marianne Haddad
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  1. Fabio Nascimbeni

    very well structured project, congratulations.
    A question: in terms of platform and ICT tools, which instruments do you plan to use?

  2. Marianne Haddad

    Thank You Fabio!
    In terms of ICT tools, i will need a laptop, a projector and speakers for the JoVE videos showed to the whole class as well as a laptop or tablet per student to continue the activities especially for the anonymous questions and evaluations of their collegues’ article analysis via Remue-Meninge (Framemo).

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