Bromatology from traditional methods to collaborating with student

Institution: Arab International University (AIU)

Faculty: pharmacy

Course Name: Bromatology (theoretical & practical)

Category: core

Level: fourth year

Redesign the course:

1) Why (Aim and Objectives)

This course aims to introduce the basic components of foodstuffs and their important role in the body. It also concerned with determine their percentage and the extent of achieving the standards and specifications.

It mainly focuses on the importance of the analytical methods used in food control operations, fraud detection and quality control, which require extraction and determination processes for the required materials. So, it is difficult for the students to imagine these steps without seeing the practical application.

Here we find the importance of modern methods of providing information that give the student a greater desire to study and research, and to consolidate his information in a better way.

2) How (Activities)

We made a plan to;

  • use the e-learning tools in practical sessions like making a video recording of the practical lesson that shows the method of required material extraction and determination in front of the students.
  • split the session into stages:
  • 1- Watching the video
  • 2- Discuss it with students
  • 3- Practical application
  • put a plan for students participate in the research process to find additional working methods.
  • Collaborative session between student and teacher to explain the ideas and methods of food analysis which the student have been searched before the session.
  • upload on moodle the theoretical lectures as video using power point

3) Outcome /Output (Main Results): videos, photos.

4) Intended Outcome Learning (Expected Impact): developing students ‘skills to conduct practical experiments and to rely on themselves in scientific research.

5) Participants: Dr. Afraa Alnokari, Dr. Rania Matar, Dr. Abir Rajeh.

Shared by: Rania Matar
Image Credit: Rania Matar

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  1. Fabio Nascimbeni

    That is a very nice application of flipped classroom methods, very nicely designed.

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